Sweet and/or savory sides and treats prepared onsite and ready for you to use during your vacation! Our Crazy Grazin’ program can be the path to your vacation nirvana!

Begin your vacation week with a visit from the Kitchen Witch Catering! Choose 4-6 sides that will compliment your vacation meals. We will shop, prep, lightly cook, store, and label sides and treats for you and your group to use throughout the week. Choose your favorite dishes, and we will prepare them for you to serve with your meats and fresh seafood! We help you while you enjoy YOUR vacation!

Other Programs Available
  • Beach parties
  • Fried dinners – pork, chicken, fish, shrimp, and turkey
  • Biggest, best steamer pots with sides
  • Crab pickings – we get them, cook them, and you pick them
  • Pig on the barbie – a whole pig on the pic cooker (day long cooking w/ pig) w/ sides

Service is not included in Crazy Grazin’. Other programs and event management available. Items and quantities available for groups of 10-50 people. All events need advanced reservations and are priced per event.