You’ve waited all year for this vacation – planned, prepared and packed – then driven for hours to reach the Outer Banks. Aaahhh… you’ve finally arrived. It’s your week to chill and enjoy the tranquility of being at the beach with the family. Are you going to ruin all this by having to dash back to the cottage every afternoon to prepare dinner? Never mind the shopping, hauling, and clean-up. You’re on vacation, enjoy it and let The Kitchen Witch Catering do all that for you.

From finding the freshest ingredients available, bringing them to your cottage, and then preparing all your meals to clean-up, The Kitchen Witch Catering will make your vacation as relaxing as it should be. We will work with you to plan your week’s home cooked gourmet foods – your recipes or ours. From artichokes to ziti, we do it all! Your personal chef can be hired daily, nightly, weekly, or monthly.